“Bokep” film series ends in tragedy

An Israeli film series which celebrated the life of an Arab child has ended with a tragic end.

The film series Bokep, or the Boy Who Died, was set to be broadcast across the country in 2017.

It was to have aired on the Israeli Channel 2 and in Israel on a local channel.

The series was meant to feature a character named Adel, who was to be voiced by Israeli filmmaker Avi Golan, who has an Israeli-Jewish wife and son, as well as a daughter and an adult son.

However, Golan was forced to cancel his project following the death of Adel’s wife, Eilat.

The episode’s finale was broadcast on Channel 2 on Wednesday, with Golan’s character Adel appearing in a scene that was cut from the broadcast.

According to the show’s producers, Adel died in a car crash in the middle of a road, while driving home.

Adel’s daughter, Amira, was found unharmed.

Golan has said he is “devastated” that his project was cancelled.

“The whole of Israel has lost a person who has lived such a remarkable life,” Golan said in a statement, according to Channel 2.

“We were very sad for Adel and his family.

We are so sorry that the series is no longer possible.”

Channel 2 later aired the finale of the series on its website.

“It is with deep sadness that we announce that the production of Bokem is no more,” it said in the post.

“In the words of the show creator, Avi, ‘The show has gone off the air.'”

The series is scheduled to be aired in 2018 on Channel 10 and Channel 4.

The Israeli Channel 11 said that it is also considering canceling the show.

“As a result of this decision, the Israeli series Bodep will be discontinued and the producers have no choice but to immediately end the production,” it added.

Golan told Channel 2 that he has not spoken to Channel 10 about the decision, but that he had heard about it.

“I think Channel 10 is looking at cancelling it and I’m very happy that they are doing so,” he said.

“I’m not a very big fan of them, and I do not want to see them anymore.”

Golan has made several other Israeli productions in recent years.

His latest film, Shimon Ha’aretz, was screened at the Venice Film Festival last year.

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