Why I decided to leave my job at a giant film company

Posted November 05, 2018 06:07:49In an interview with a New York Times writer, Harvey Weinstein has spoken about his decision to quit his current job at the company that owns the 35mm film company Vimeo.

He has been at the helm of the company since it was founded in 2006, and has overseen the company’s growth since then.

Vimeo had just been acquired by Amazon for $970 million in a $1.65 billion deal that was widely considered to be a massive loss for the company.

Weinstein was among the biggest beneficiaries of the deal, but he has also been criticized for his alleged sexual harassment and assault allegations against many women in the tech industry.

He was fired by the company in 2014 after a lawsuit filed by women accusing him of sexually harassing them.

The article in the Times, however, claims that Weinstein is actually still with the company, despite the allegations against him, as the article claims he “has said he is staying.”

Weinstein’s statement was released on Tuesday by the website Gawker, who published the article without his permission.

Videos of the interview are embedded below, and the interview is embedded below.

The Times article was published by the New York Daily News.

The interview is also embedded below and will begin playing in 10 minutes.

In the article, Weinstein was quoted as saying that he was going to leave Vimeo after “a couple of years,” but that he did not want to stay for too long.

He also talked about his own career, saying that “there are some things that you’re very comfortable with, you know, there’s a certain level of confidence that you have in what you’re doing.

I mean, you want to be in the movie business.

You want to make movies.”

He also said that “when I leave, I want to get out and do something really special, and that’s a very personal thing.”

The article claims that the Vimeo founder was “unhappy” about what he described as the company “becoming too big,” but also that he is “happy to see the future.”

“We’ve been really fortunate,” Weinstein said.

“It’s a great company.

I’ve been very lucky.

We’re not a company that you go into expecting to make millions, we’re a company where we’re making millions.

We are a company in which you have a vision, and it’s a vision that is very important to you.”

When asked about his relationship with his wife, who is a director on many of the movies he produces, Weinstein said he does not know the specifics of their relationship.

He also said he did “not know” whether he was getting paid.

“It’s very difficult to talk about that,” Weinstein added.

“You’re not going to know until you go and talk to her.”

In a separate interview with the New Yorker, he said that he “never would have thought it would be this hard” to leave the company he founded.

“We were lucky that the deal went through and we were lucky to get a job,” Weinstein explained.

“But if I were in any other situation, I wouldn’t have thought that it would take so long for us to get this job.

The fact that it took a couple of more years, that’s amazing.”

He added that he’s “very proud” of the movie industry.

“I’m very proud of the fact that people are coming out and saying, ‘Oh, this is really cool,'” he said.

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