How did a film about a dragon come to be called Dragon’s Egg?

When you think of a film that’s about a giant, evil dragon, you probably think of Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece The Grandmaster, which became the template for a host of blockbusters in the 20th century.

Now, a new documentary, The Lad, is trying to answer that question with a film titled Dragon’s Eggs, and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

In fact, the film is so well made that its trailer is so entertaining it’s worth watching itself.

The Lad director Sam Esmail has written that his aim with Dragon’s Bones is to tell a story about the “hidden story of dragons.”

And in a nutshell, it’s this: After a tragic accident that killed his father, the legendary filmmaker John Ford was struck by the idea that dragons might be able to heal his father.

“I thought, ‘Oh, this is such a cool idea, I can make this film about it,'” Esmail told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview.

“But then I started thinking, ‘Is there anything about dragons that’s actually interesting?’ and then I thought, OK, there is.

It’s the dragon that’s going to save him.”

And so, with the help of the legendary film director, Esmail is making a film called Dragon Bones, a documentary about the life and work of John Ford, a dragon-loving American filmmaker.

The film is the result of an intense, nearly two-year process that included interviews with both Ford and other dragon-obsessed filmmakers around the world.

The documentary focuses on Ford’s career as well as on the fascinating life of one of the world’s most influential filmmakers.

Esmail, who has a degree in biology and has made a number of documentaries about dinosaurs and other animals, said the process of making Dragon Bones was one of his favorite aspects of his career.

He said he was drawn to the idea of making a documentary after watching the documentary, Dragons, which won an Academy Award for best documentary in 2016.

“It’s so hard to explain,” he said.

“There’s so much information about this film.

I really want to know what’s going on behind the scenes.”

For Esmail and his crew, Dragon Bones is the ultimate test of their film’s narrative chops.

After all, Dragon’s Bone was originally meant to be an eight-hour documentary about Ford’s life and career.

But after a couple of seasons of editing, the filmmakers decided to shorten the film to six hours, so that Dragon’s eggs would be revealed to the world in the film.

Es, who also edited the short film A Very Good Girl, said he spent a lot time writing a script for the documentary and then figuring out what to cut and what to leave out.

It took about two months to get the film made, which took Es and his team a while to get it done.

“We just couldn’t find any footage, and we couldn’t get it edited in the way we wanted it to be,” Esmail said.

The filmmaker said he had trouble getting the crew to work together in a professional way.

He also struggled to find a director for the film because it was filmed in a Japanese-style film festival.

“You had to do this whole, all-day thing to get a director,” he explained.

“The whole process was really, really, frustrating.”

He and his film team decided to do a lot more research to make sure the film was a true account of the filmmaker’s life.

“A lot of the stuff we did in the edit was based on research,” Es told BuzzFeed.

“So it’s like, if you’re looking at this documentary as an actor, and you’re a film director and you have a scene where you’re directing this character, you’re going to see how you’re filming it and you are going to go, ‘Okay, that was filmed wrong.’

It’s not going to be accurate.”

After all that research, Es said, the team worked on the film for over a year and a half.

He worked with the Japanese filmmaker Yasuhiro Nagao on the editing process.

“He did a lot for us,” Es said.

One of the biggest challenges in making Dragon’s Ashes was finding the right voice for Ford’s character.

“That was really difficult because he was a very quiet person,” Es recalled.

“And I had never been in a room with him.”

The result is a powerful, poignant, and hilarious portrait of Ford as a man with an amazing talent for storytelling.

Es said the film’s cast and crew have worked together for six months to perfect the performance of the character.

They shot scenes over three days in a studio in LA, and Es said it was important to shoot them as fast as possible, so as not to slow down the editing.

The final cut of the film features an actor who is also a director. “They

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