Why does ‘juice’ film look like a soap opera?

A film about a fictional family of soap opera fans has become a viral sensation after a trailer was released, which was shared thousands of times on Facebook.

The film, which has been dubbed “juice”, features the main character, a young man named Nick, who spends a lot of time in the bathtub while his parents spend most of their time playing video games.

“It’s basically a soap-opera movie,” said Nick.

“It’s really funny, and it’s also really weird.”

The trailer shows Nick spending most of his time in a bathtub with his family, and even goes as far as to call the character a soapopera fan.

It is believed that Nick and his family are fans of the soap opera series, which is based on a series of novels by John Green, which tells the story of the life of a young boy who meets his mother, a woman named Jasmine, in the middle of the night.

Nick spends a large part of his day playing video game, and he is often referred to as a gamer by his friends.

His parents are also fans of video games, and the trailer shows them playing together as well.

One of the trailers featured a line from a series called “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, in which the character, Lenny, was played by actor Tom Dickson.

Dickson said he liked the film, and liked the idea of a fictional soap opera family.

“I love how it’s a family film that’s made out of a soap film,” he said.

“I think that’s really interesting.”

Dickson and his brother, who plays Lenny in the film called “Frozen”, are currently filming the film in Florida, and are looking for locations in the state to film.

As part of the film’s marketing campaign, the company behind the film released a short film called, “Juice” that features the character.

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