Assassin’s Creed film camera: Has an HDMI port and can capture 4K footage

The Assassin’s Council is looking for a new assassin, and if the new one is going to be the one who brings the franchise back to its former glory, then he needs to have the right HDMI port.

In a new video posted on the official Assassin’s creed subreddit, Ubisoft said that the HDMI port will allow players to shoot 4K movies, including the recent release of The Last Guardian.

The video, titled “The Last Guardian,” was made for a feature on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel, and features the team in the company’s Paris offices, talking about the upcoming game.

The Assassin, it’s pretty clear, is going out to the French capital to capture the next big thing in the Assassin’s world.

The team mentions that the camera will be a HDMI-connected camcorder, which means that the user won’t have to have an Xbox or a 4K TV to stream the video to their Xbox or 4K display.

The game will also use the camera for a 3D cinematic experience, as well as a live action, in-game experience that you can play on the console.

“The camera is really the most exciting part of the camera,” Ubisoft said.

“We have a camera with an LED light that shows you what the light is reflecting off of, and that’s the camera that we’re using to capture this movie.”

If the team can achieve that kind of quality on a new camcordering, it could really take the series to a whole new level, as you can see in the video above.

If you’re not familiar with HDMI, here’s a quick primer: HDMI is a standard for digital video systems that uses the signals from a television, monitor, or projector to transmit information and images.

The signals can be transmitted in a wide variety of formats, including 1080p, 60Hz, and 60fps.

HDMI 2.0, the next generation of HDMI, was announced in 2015, and includes an extra level of resolution that can be up to 4K.

The newest version of HDMI is called HDMI-CEC, and it’s supposed to be faster, more energy efficient, and have better compatibility with TVs and other displays.

It’s currently a spec-only standard for TVs and video game consoles, and the devices that support it are pretty much limited to PCs and mobile devices.

The new HDMI port that will be used in The Last Kingdom has a native resolution of 4K, so it should have some decent 4K support to offer.

This means that while you might be able to stream a 1080p movie to your Xbox, your Xbox will be unable to display that in 4K on your TV.

It might also mean that the new camera won’t capture the full quality of the game, but at least you can watch it in 4k on your television without having to worry about any major issues.

The latest footage also shows off some of the improvements that are coming to the cameras in the game.

While the new HDMI camera won`t be able in its current state to capture 4k, it will still be able capture 4:4:4 video, which is a much more popular format.

While 4:2:2, the standard used in some games, can only be shot in that format, the new format should allow for the capture of more dynamic scenes.

The Last Guardians, which has a 1080i resolution and supports 4K video, has been a big hit with fans of the series, so there’s no reason that it couldn’t be used for a 4k movie.

There’s a lot more to The Last Knight than you might think, and Ubisoft is working hard to keep fans of Assassin’s Creeds games happy and up to date with all the new features that are planned.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about The Last Guard, which Ubisoft announced on Thursday.

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