Film critic calls out #NotYourShield campaign

Film critic Andrew Walker has accused #Notyourshield, a campaign urging people to remain silent on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, of being a “white supremacist” organisation.

Key points:Andrew Walker criticises the #NotMyShield campaign as white supremacist Andrew Walker is a critic of #NotmyShieldThe hashtag has been trending on Twitter in recent daysThe campaign, which is aimed at raising awareness about police brutality against Black people, claims that “everyday life for black men is more dangerous than the police”The campaign has been used to highlight incidents of police brutality and racism against Black men and women.

The hashtag #NotYoursShield was trending on Thursday and included a picture of a hooded man wearing a white T-shirt with a swastika emblazoned across the chest.””

If you agree, please consider staying silent on this movement.”

The hashtag #NotYoursShield was trending on Thursday and included a picture of a hooded man wearing a white T-shirt with a swastika emblazoned across the chest.

“If you are one of the people in the UK who are using #NotoursShield to bash police, don’t say anything.

It is not about you, it is about the state of Britain,” Mr Walker said.”

Don’t call for a national inquiry, call for action on a national scale.”

I am calling on you not to call it #Notmysshield.

It’s just white supremacy.

“The #NotyoursShield hashtag has also been trending online.”

We’ve been told that we’re white supremacists,” said Mr Walker.”

What’s happening with #NotiesShield is just a white supremacy group that wants to use the hashtag to attack black people and to attack people of colour.”‘

White supremacy’ is not the same as racism.

Andrew Walker, a critic who has called out the #notysshield campaign, said the hashtag is not a race or ethnicity specific organisation.”

White supremacy is not just the white supremacist way of doing things,” he said.

Mr Walker said that a lot of the racism in the hashtag was rooted in a “need to prove a point” and that it was often based on a “racialised, white supremacist ideology”.”

It is a very white supremacist mindset, and that has become very fashionable in our society in the last few years,” he added.”

The whole idea that black people have no value at all is just incredibly racist.

“People will say, ‘Oh well it’s about the police’.

And I think that’s true, but that doesn’t make it racist.”

Mr Walker was one of a number of people who condemned the hashtag.

“There are many white supremacists in #NotysShield, but the fact is they’re just white supremacists with a different way of seeing things,” said Australian film critic Andrew White.

“It’s very difficult to tell who is a racist, and who isn’t, and there are people who are just white supremacist.”

“It was a little strange at first,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“You see a group of people talking about a cause and then suddenly they have a bunch of people around them who are white supremacists.”‘

It’s about white supremacy’But Mr Walker was quick to point out that the # notysshield hashtag was not necessarily a race-based group.

“For example, a lot in the white supremacy movement is about ‘White supremacy’, which is a kind of racialised and misogynistic concept,” he explained.

“But in the context of #notyoursshield, I think the idea of a ‘white supremacist’ group is not so different from what’s happening in the # white supremacy, white supremacy community.”

Mr White said that he thought # notyoursield was more of a “smaller, more localised” group than the # #notymysshield movement.

“That’s because it’s been very much the case in the past two years that white supremacists have become a bigger and bigger presence in #notiesshield,” he noted.

“And that is probably the reason why it is so much less violent than #notynoursshield.”#NotymysShield is about # notying the fact that Black lives matter, Mr White said.

He said the # Notymys shield hashtag was the latest example of “the white supremacist thing that’s been happening”.

“I think that # NotysShield has just been an extension of the white supremacists thing,” he continued.


White supremacy means you are a white racist.”


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